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Being pregnant, a woman can maintain blood sugar levels of her body by exercising and eating healthy. If exercising regularly and eating healthy does not work maintaining blood sugar levels then the person has to shift on insulin and have no other choice.

What is Insulin?

Insulin is produced in the body naturally by the pancreas. Insulin produced helps in utilizing the glucose well. But when the pancreas is not able to produce enough insulin that the body can utilize, a pregnant lady has to shift on the insulin that is prescribed by the doctor. This insulin is made in a lab that balances the body like the insulin produced by the pancreas does.

A pregnant lady can easily take the insulin if required by the body as it does not affect the baby. The insulin cannot reach the placenta so that baby is safe and not affected.

The insulin cannot be taken like a pill or a drink. It has to be injected into the vein with the help of a syringe. The amount of insulin taken depends on the blood sugar levels of pregnant women. The amount of insulin is prescribed by the doctor and can change from time to time. The amount of time insulin will take to work depends on the body to body.

insulin in gestational diabetes

In some human bodies, it reacts fast and in some human bodies, the effect is seen after some time. It can also be taken by mixing it in the food. When insulin goes into the body with the meal, it acts fast. This helps the body to absorb glucose from the food. The insulin prescribed by the doctor will last a minimum of 12 hours. It can also stay in the body for more than 12 hours or overnight.

The injection might cause a lump on the skin where you have injected insulin. It is better than when the pregnant women take insulin, she should not inject the injection in the same place every time. This can be done to avoid lumps. When the body is not getting enough insulin, it can cause the blood sugar levels to low down. This can also happen when pregnant women skip eating a meal or use insulin in more quantity.

Even after the pregnancy, it is the duty of the concerned doctor or the hospital to check insulin levels and then discharge the patient. The woman can stop taking insulin, only if the blood sugar levels are normal. Pregnant women who have been through diabetes during their pregnancy can also get affected with type 2 diabetes later on. So, it is better to get diabetes tested after every few months to be safe.

Gestational Diabetes and Insulin

There are certain tips that a woman can follow to protect herself from gestational diabetes and also, avoid the intake of insulin.

The first thing that needs to be followed is healthy eating. When a lady gets pregnant, the body demands more food than usual. A pregnant woman must follow a healthy and clean diet plan. The meal plan can be taken from the consulting doctor or an expert dietician. A diet plan can balance the whole pregnancy period. The dietician and the diet plan can help you balance the blood sugar levels of the body. Healthy eating includes avoiding junk and intake a healthy and balanced diet. Avoiding sodas, canned juices, alcohol, and junk food.

Another thing that can help is regular exercise to keep the blood sugar level in control. It keeps the body fit and controls the food intake. A person should exercise regularly to stay fit. For pregnant women exercise is a must, it can be in any form.

Exercise like running, walking, swimming, yoga, all would help. The level of the exercise is being decided according to the condition of the lady. It can be a moderate or intense workout, depending upon the type of pregnancy and condition of the pregnant lady. Before starting with exercise, a pregnant woman must consult the doctor.

The blood sugar levels of the body must be monitored on daily basis. Especially in pregnancy, it is very important to manage your blood sugar levels and keep them in control. Balance of blood sugar level keeps the body in control and also balances the food intake. In pregnancy, the body of a lady needs more energy. Blood sugar levels can vary easily. A pregnant lady must keep checking blood sugar levels more often. The consulting doctor must guide on when to get blood sugar levels checked.

If the body needs insulin, then a pregnant woman must not ignore the needs and demands of the body and must take insulin on time. insulin keeps the blood sugar levels in control that is good for pregnancy and the baby.

All the things that have been mentioned like healthy eating and adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercising on daily basis, and keeping the body healthy. Following a proper diet plan, monitoring the blood sugar levels on daily basis, not ignoring the consumption and need for insulin. All these changes would bring a tremendous change in the pregnancy of a pregnant woman.

When the body requires insulin, insulin must be provided for maintaining a healthy pregnancy. A pregnant woman must not feel afraid or shy to consume insulin on daily basis. But of course, the consumption must be done under the supervision of an experienced person. There is no need to be scared that the body might become habitual or dependent on insulin consumption.

Once a pregnant woman has given birth to a child, she may cover by gestational diabetes soon. It is also possible that her body might take some time to recover and get normal. Although, gestational diabetes must be controlled at an early stage that the body does not stop producing insulin. The production of insulin plays a very important part in the body. Also, suffering from gestational diabetes is normal. At this point, the best medication and guidance are required.

The determination to become healthy and not being prone to gestational diabetes during pregnancy helps a lot in recovering soon.


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