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What are the warning signs of gestational diabetes?

A bad and unhealthy lifestyle can cause various chronic diseases. Chronic diseases can last long and do not go away with time and so it is imperative to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

During pregnancy, females must give maximum focus to their health and try to keep themselves active. A healthy diet is of utmost importance to keep the body fit and healthy during the critical time of pregnancy. A large number of gestational diabetes cases are seen and females are confronting numerous problems in delivering. Delivery becomes complicated if the female has gestational diabetes.

To make the pregnancy smooth and hassle-free there arises a need to concentrate on health. Gestational diabetes can be a risky affair. Various factors contribute to gestational diabetes. Gestation is the period that starts from the date of conception till the date of delivery. Diabetes during this period is called gestational diabetes.

For the good health of a fetus, it is necessary to keep the blood sugar at a normal level. In some cases, there can be no symptoms for gestational diabetes but even then a patient must keep a close watch on her health and report to the doctor in case of any problem. Doctors must check blood sugar levels between the 24th to 28th week. In most cases, the symptoms are the same as usual diabetes and in many cases, pregnant women also face such problems generally. So, sometimes it becomes difficult to figure out diabetes.

Warning signs of gestational diabetes

Warning signs of gestational diabetes are:

Increase in thirst– A diabetic patient always feels thirsty soon. The patient develops an urge to drink water a maximum number of times. Moving from one place to another at home can make patients thirsty. This is the indication of diabetes. But mostly pregnant woman develops an extra urge to drink water frequently. It might confuse in some cases. Generally, thirst arises when something salty is eaten but in the case of diabetes even without eating anything salty thirst can increase. Sometimes the mouth becomes excessively dry. The person might drink 3 to 4 liters of water in a day. This can increase urination.

Excess fatigue– Sometimes patient feels excessively tired. The fatigue in excess is really bad. It might reduce the working capacity of the female. It is advisable to visit the doctor soon if such symptoms are seen. If only after waking a few steps person feels tired then she must visit the doctor soon. In the case of diabetes sugar does not enter the cells it remains in the blood that increases fatigue and lethargy in the body. This keeps the energy level low.

More urination– frequent urination is the biggest symptom of gestational diabetes. But as the weight of a baby increases in the womb, a pregnant woman urinates a lot. So sometimes a situation is perplexing and it is difficult to judge the exact cause of urination. A patient must visit the doctor as early as possible and the doctor must diagnose the reason behind excess urination. The patient urinates after an hour.

Nausea- It can also have a close connection with diabetes. The feeling of nausea persists during the initial weeks of pregnancy and sometimes it might prolong also. In that case, doctors must screen the health of the patient closely and recommend a glucose test. Nausea can also be one of the symptoms of gestational diabetes. A person feels nausea feeling after eating a heavy meal. This happens because the blood has more sugar. It is not in the cells. So energy level remains low and to give energy the fats are broken and they give energy. Due to the breaking of fats ketones are produced that causes nausea.

Difficult and blur vision– Diabetes is associated with blur vision also. If female experiences difficulty is seeing then it can be due to diabetes. High sugar levels can affect eye-sight. More sugar in the blood can bring the fluids out of the cells and various tissues that can have a bad impact on the ability to see.

Cravings for more sugar-based products– A sugar patient has more cravings for sweets. Such patients have more appetite for sugary products. They feel satisfied after eating sweet products. Even they will get more attraction towards drinks also. It is riskier to consume sugar in liquid form and it can raise the sugar levels immediately.

Sensation in hands and feet– this is the most common symptom of diabetes. Even after a light touch if a sensation appears in the hands and feet of a person then she must get herself diagnosed with diabetes. More sugar in the blood can have a bad effect on nerves. The hands and feet nerves are sensitive to touch and they feel sensation more.

Time to consult a doctor

Every doctor must check the sugar levels of the patient at regular intervals. Any discrepancy in this respect can be harmful. If excess sugar levels are not diagnosed on time then it can badly affect the growth of the fetus. It can affect the development of the brain. Most doctors check blood glucose levels during 24th to 28th weeks. A timely diagnose can save the life of both mother and baby.

If female notices any of the above symptoms then she must not take it lightly. It is recommended to consult a doctor and share the exact symptom. It will enable the doctor to take necessary action and suggest the right medication that can keep the sugar levels normal. Doctors can also suggest some physical exercises that can keep the sugar levels under control.

High sugar levels can be very risky. It can lead to a birth of an excess weight baby that is not good for both mothers as well as a baby.

To avoid such situations, a gestational diabetic patient must take extra care and follow all the instructions given by the doctor. This will surely help in keeping the rising sugar levels under control and avoid various complications up to a maximum possible extent.

Diet plays an important role in affecting blood sugar levels. A patient must consume a balanced diet that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Avoid sweets and aerated drinks as much as possible. Always go for high-fiber food that is low in fats. Do not junk food and processed food.

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