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Is gestational diabetes a high-risk Pregnancy?

It is diabetes that arises at the time of pregnancy. Normally there are no symptoms of diabetes. It can increase the level of thirst and urination. These are just common symptoms of diabetes. A simple blood sugar test is sufficient for detecting gestational diabetes. Mostly it goes away after pregnancy. But there is a complete risk of type 2 diabetes in the future. The mother needs to take extra care. A new born can also become diabetic in some cases.

Yes, gestational diabetes can be very risky. It is threatening for the life of both mothers as well as for a child. If, proper care is taken then it can be kept under control. Otherwise, there are many risks involved. It can be highly risky.

gestational diabetes and high risk pregnancy

Causes of gestational diabetes

Overweight– those females who are overweight are at maximum risk of getting diabetes. It is very important to keep weight under control.

No physical activity– those who keep sitting and do not engage in any physical activity are more likely to get diabetes.

Gestational diabetes in case of earlier pregnancy– If a female had diabetes in early pregnancy then in case of second pregnancy there are chances of getting diabetes again.

Family history of diabetes– if the patient has a family history of diabetes then there is a maximum chance of getting diabetes.

Women belonging to Hispanic, American Indian, and Asian American are at high risk of becoming diabetic.


Risks and problems in case of gestational diabetes 

 Gestational diabetes can cause serious problems. These are as under:

  • More than required weight– Sugar levels in the blood are high. At the time of delivery, this might cause a serious problem for the baby. The new born can be overweight. This can be risky. There are chances that the baby might get diabetic. Sometimes the baby weighs more than 8 pounds. Mothers also face complications in delivering such overweight babies. They have to go for C-section. Normal delivery is not practical in that case.
  • Premature birth– this is the biggest risk associated with gestational diabetes. Premature birth can cause severe complications. The lungs or some other part of the body of a new born might be under-developed. This can affect the functioning of the entire body.
  • Problem in breathing– Respiratory problems are very common in the case of gestational diabetes. A new born can suffer from respiratory distress syndrome. Under such a situation, fluid collects in the lungs. This can fill the lungs with air and that gives less oxygen to the lungs and can cause problems related to breathing. Sometimes there arises a need to give artificial oxygen to new born. This will give extra oxygen to babies. Otherwise, there can be acute shortness of breath. This problem usually arises if babies are born before 28 weeks.
  • Chances of getting type-2 diabetes– There is a maximum possibility that both mother and baby can get type-2 diabetes in the future. That might seriously affect the growth of the baby. it is very risky for the mother also. Utmost care needs to be taken to keep diabetes under control. If proper care is not taken then the functioning of the entire body is affected.
  • Low levels of blood sugar– Immediately after delivery the sugar levels of the mother with gestational diabetes might go down. It is possible to bring the sugar levels to normal. A mother can immediately feed the baby and can take some glucose solution. This will raise sugar levels. Sometimes low sugar levels can be risky.
  • Still birth– gestational diabetes can increase the complications. This can be very dangerous for the life of the new born. In some severe cases, the baby might die. This can happen before and after birth also. It is imperative to avoid such a critical situation. A mother has to take extra care of her health to avoid such serious situations.
  • High blood pressure– The blood pressure of the mother can rise at the time of delivery. This can threaten the life of both mother and baby. High blood pressure can increase the complications of delivery and can make it tough. Doctors have to make the blood pressure normal, otherwise, the delivery is not possible.
  • Surgical delivery– Normal delivery is not possible in the case of gestational diabetes. A female with gestational diabetes has to undergo c- section. There are some complications associated with surgical delivery. A female has to go for an operation in case of a C-section. It is possible to plan it early also if there seems any complication in pregnancy.


Besides the above-mentioned risks, it is possible to avoid them by taking some precautions. Every woman with gestational diabetes must take these precautions. They can make the pregnancy easy and helps in keeping complications at bay.


  1. Physical activity– Good health is always associated with exercise. Those who perform physical activity on regular basis stay more fit and healthy. The same is the case of gestational diabetes, for ensuring healthy and risk-free delivery a mother must perform some physical activity. It can be any form. She can go for a walk or do some exercises as recommended by the doctor.
  2. Consume small meals– For a diabetic, it is a must to consume small meals after every two hours. It will help in keeping a check on rising sugar levels. It is harmful to a diabetic to stay hungry for a longer duration.
  3. Daily check sugar levels– Gestational diabetic patients must test the sugar levels regularly, this will help in monitoring the levels and keeping a check on them.
  4. Avoid fats– It is advisable to consume fat-free food. More fats are dangerous for a sugar patient. This will lead to obesity and can cause severe complications.
  5. No sugar– Avoid sugar as much as possible. More consumption of sugar will raise the levels of sugar and further it will make the delivery more complicated.
  6. Medication– Doctors can also give medicines if it is becoming difficult to control the sugar levels.


With utmost care, it is possible to make the process of delivery smooth. A gestational diabetes patient needs to follow all the precautions with whole-hearted determination.



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