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Gestational diabetes is diabetes that is recognized at the time of pregnancy. Gestational diabetes affects the glucose level of the body and also puts an effect on the baby and the mother.

Gestational diabetes can lead to high blood sugar levels and low blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar levels in gestational diabetes are more dangerous than high blood sugar levels. If the blood sugar levels of the pregnant woman are low that means the body is not able to produce enough amount of glucose. The woman needs to take insulin to provide the required insulin to the body.


Why gestational diabetes is considered a disability?

Disability is that condition of a body or mind where it becomes difficult for a person to do something with complete ability. There are various activities that a person cannot do effectively and actively. There are many types of disability. It brings the self-confidence of the person down.

Similarly, gestational diabetes is also a kind of disability where the pregnant woman becomes diabetic and has to struggle a lot throughout the pregnancy. Continuously monitoring the health of the baby and the mother is necessary. It becomes tough for the pregnant female to lead a normal life. She finds it hard to enjoy her pregnancy like other mothers.

Disability means difficulty in working. A woman with gestational diabetes might face various problems at her workplace.

Gestational diabetes is social security disability

Yes, Gestational diabetes qualifies as a social security disability.

Uncontrolled blood sugar- if it becomes difficult to control the rising sugar levels during pregnancy then it can cause a huge risk to the health of both the mother as well baby. All such health-related risks might make it difficult for the mother to work properly. Under such circumstances, diabetes is considered a disability.

A pregnant woman can claim social security benefits if she is unable to work as an employee due to various risks associated with gestational diabetes. The medical condition might arise due to uncontrolled glucose levels.

It is not considered a disability in all cases. Where the pregnant female with gestational diabetes is fit and able to work effectively. In that case, it is not possible to claim the benefits under disability. The woman is eligible for disability benefits only if she is not able to work.


Benefits of disability

The benefits can be divided into two broad categories

 Social security disability insurance– If the plight of the female is not allowing her to work and go to her work regularly due to the problems related to gestational diabetes, she can claim the disability benefits. The monthly amount is given to the female with gestational diabetes to cope up with her financial requirements. The amount given is equal to the amount that a female was earning every month earlier before pregnancy.

Supplemental security income– it is a kind of addition to the income. To claim this benefit a female need not work. This benefit is given if the savings are less than the required limit.


Conditions under which such benefits can be claimed

  • It is difficult to control diabetes– if it is not possible to keep the sugar levels in range despite the best endeavours then female becomes eligible for the above-mentioned benefits.
  • Serious health problems– if due to uncontrolled diabetes, serious health problems have come up then it becomes easy to claim the benefits. Such serious health issues might be harmful to the baby as well as the mother.


Serious health problems that qualify as a disability


  • Hyperglycemia It is a condition where blood sugar stays extremely high. It can badly affect the nerves and blood vessels that can cause serious issues related to the heart, kidney, brain, as well as intestine. This can also lead to depression, skin infections, and various blood flow-related problems.
  • Hypoglycemia- under it the blood sugar stays extremely low. It is also risky and life-threatening. It can cause death if sugar levels in the body go down. The patient has to be very careful under such circumstances. It can damage the brain within seconds.


The method pursued in applying

It is easy to accomplish it through the Social Security Administration or state agencies in the locality.

The application can be submitted in person or via phone, by mail, or online. DDS will gather information from concerned doctors to determine whether or not gestational diabetes is a disability.

It’s common to be rejected the first time. Up to 80% of first-time applicants are turned down. If a person files an appeal, then that person may have to wait for another 3 to 5 months for a ruling. If the first appeal is dismissed, file a second appeal with an administrative law judge. This procedure can take up to two years.


gestational diabetes


There are certain ways in which gestational diabetes can be avoided. It will no longer remain a disability.


  • A woman should lose weight before pregnancy if a woman is overweight. A woman weighing according to her body faces fewer problems at the time of pregnancy. Whereas, an overweight woman faces more problems and complications and also faces the problem of gestational diabetes.
  • An ideal weight should be set at the time of pregnancy. Although, a pregnant woman tends to gain weight when pregnant but still a count be kept to manage it during the pregnancy. Weight gain leads to many problems and an unhealthy pregnancy.
  • The diet that is consumed during pregnancy must be rich in fiber and must be low in fats. All the meals must contain nutrients and must be full of energy. The diet can be taken from a dietician or the concerned doctor. A healthy and balanced diet helps in maintaining weight and keeping the body. It also keeps the mother and the baby healthy.
  • The amount of food eaten at one time must be checked. The portions must be controlled to keep the body healthy. A pregnant woman must consume five to six meals in a day, out of which three meals must be heavy and the rest must be snacks.
  • Exercising daily is also an important part of maintaining a healthy pregnancy and keeping the body and the baby fit. Exercise can be intense or moderate. After consulting the doctor, a pregnant woman should start with the exercise as suggested by the doctor.



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