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How common is stillbirth with gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is very bad for the health of the pregnant woman. It can have severe complications. These complications can affect the health of the baby at the time of delivery. Sometimes it becomes hard to avoid such critical situations. But by putting in persistent endeavors, a pregnant female with gestational diabetes can keep all such complications at bay.

The gestation period is the period that starts from the date of conception till the date of delivery. If the blood glucose levels during this period keep on fluctuating then there are chances of getting diabetes.

Why there has been a rise in diabetes?

 With the advancement of technology, there are multiple changes taking place in our lifestyle also. Every person is becoming lethargic and does no physical activity. With that, there has been a drastic change in eating habits also. There has been an increase in the consumption of products with high sugar. Such factors are altogether responsible for causing diabetes.

This can have an impact upon a pregnant woman also. If such a woman becomes diabetic during the pregnancy then there can be multiple complications. One out of such complications can be a stillbirth.

What does stillbirth mean?

 Stillbirth means the birth of a dead baby. The baby dies either at the time of delivery or before delivery. The baby inside the womb shows no movement. This indicates the loss of pregnancy. It is an extreme situation. It happens only if the diabetes is out of control and keeps on fluctuating throughout pregnancy. The chances of such complications are very less.

Chances of stillbirth with gestational diabetes

There are maximum chances of stillbirth in the case of gestational diabetes. But there is also a possibility to make such chances less severe. This can happen with proper diagnosis and treatment. If there is a delay in diagnosis then any problem might arise.


 Generally following symptoms can indicate to the doctor regarding gestational diabetes:


  • Increased thirst– A diabetic patient is thirsty all of the time. The patient has a strong desire to drink as much water as possible. Patients may become thirsty while moving from one room to another at home. Diabetes is manifested in this way. Pregnant women, on the other hand, have an increased desire to consume water.
  • Excessive fatigue- The patient may feel too weary at times. Excessive tiredness is quite unpleasant. It has the potential to diminish a woman’s working capability. If you see any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. If a person feels exhausted even after taking a few steps after waking up, she should see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Urination in excess– if the patient urinates frequently then the doctor must take it seriously and suggest a test for blood glucose levels.
  • Feeling of Nausea– It can also be linked to diabetes. The feeling of nausea lasts for the first few weeks of pregnancy, and it can sometimes last longer. In that situation, doctors must regularly monitor the patient’s health and suggest a glucose test.


After the diagnosis of diabetes, the next step is to provide the best treatment for the control of diabetes. Following measures can be taken to control the increasing blood sugar levels, otherwise, serious complications might arise. This can help a lot in avoiding stillbirth situations.


  • Avoid sugary products– the first and foremost step that a doctor would take is to stop the patient from eating all those products that contain sugar. Initially patient has to stop the intake of sugar to the maximum possible extent but once the sugar levels become normal, she can start taking less sugar. It is better to take sugar-free products.
  • Take medicine of sugar regularly – The best way to keep the levels of sugar intact is to take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor. The doctor suggests the dosage as per the requirement of the patient.
  • Go out for a walk – Walking regularly is considered the best option for sugar as well as for thyroid patients. It helps a lot in keeping sugar under control. Walking barefoot on green grass in the morning can also help a lot in this direction. There is no need to do any strict workout. Simply walk, and get maximum benefits.

diabetes during pregnancy

What causes stillbirth in the case of gestational diabetes?


  1. Slow growth– the growth of the baby matters a lot. If the growth is not as required and slow then there are maximum chances of stillbirth. It is imperative to monitor the growth of the child. High levels of sugar in the body can hamper growth.
  2. Poor circulation– diabetes can be risky. As it affects the circulation of the blood in the body. In case the circulation is poor then the chances of stillbirth are more.
  3. High blood pressure– high levels of sugar increases blood pressure also. High blood pressure can cause severe complications. If at the time of delivery the blood pressure is not at its normal level then delivery becomes difficult and more possibility of stillbirth arises.
  4. Improper functioning of small blood vessels- Diabetes in a pregnant woman can badly affect small blood vessels. This can directly affect the growth of the baby and can cause stillbirth.
  5. Abnormality of the placentaPlacenta becomes abnormal if the sugar levels are high throughout the pregnancy. This further slows the growth of the baby. Slow growth is the major factor behind still growth.


There are many risks associated with gestational diabetes. But it is not necessary to associate such risks with all pregnancies. Some might experience and others might not. Most of the women with gestational diabetes get healthy pregnancies. This enables them to deliver healthy babies. The most important thing is timely diagnosis and treatment. With utmost care, a woman with gestational diabetes can avoid all complications related to delivery. The chances of stillbirth are minimum. There is no need to worry a lot. Simply following a healthy lifestyle and eating habits can keep all such problems at bay.





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