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Gestational Diabetes – Ways to Control It

Gestational diabetes

Diabetes is becoming a very common disease these days. There is a large percentage of people who are suffering from diabetes. In early days, only few people used to have this disease, but now we can see that every fourth person is suffering from this disease. Taking too much of sugar in one or other form can give rise to increase in sugar or glucose levels in our blood that is really risky.

Sugar or glucose is something that we get from our daily diet it gives sufficient energy to our body to function effectively. But it is desirable to consume it in required quantity. Otherwise it may lead to some kind of disorder. In that case, our body will not produce insulin and if it produces our body fails to make proper use of it.

Gestational Diabetes

Meaning of gestational diabetes

Whenever a female conceives, there is always a time gap between her conception and the time when she gives birth to the child. Usually this time period is of nine months, it can be more or less also depending upon the condition of a female.

If during this gestation period the blood sugar or glucose levels are very high, the  it is not good for the woman as well as the baby. Therefore, it must be kept in range to keep the health problems aside.

Ways to control gestational diabetes

If not taken good care, then the gestational diabetes can cause severe issues. It is very important for the pregnant woman to look after her health and keep a check on gestational diabetes. Various precautions which a mother can take are as under:

  • Go for very healthy diet– It is only the diet that can help to get rid of increasing levels of sugar in the body. So, it is advisable to take very healthy and nutritious diet that can help  in maintaining the right levels of sugar.
  • Regular workout– Exercise plays an important role in keeping the blood glucose levels normal. Yoga and walk as recommended by the doctor can help to keep a check on increasing levels of sugar.
  • Medicines- Another way to control the increasing levels of sugar is to take medicine that the doctors suggest.

Causes of gestational diabetes

As such there are no reasons for gestational diabetes, there are some basic things related to our everyday routine that can cause our body to increase the sugar levels.  Some of the causes of the gestational diabetes can be listed as under:

  1. Diabetes in genes- If any of the immediate family member is suffering from diabetes, then women have the chances of having diabetes.
  2. More than required weight- If the weight is more than the required limit, then there are more chances of getting  diabetes at the time of pregnancy. So, it is always advisable by the doctors to keep weight under check.
  3. No exercise– If the daily routine lacks physical exercise, then women will not be able to cope up with the various changes taking place in the body due to the change in the hormones. In that case, the body will react negatively and women will have more chances of becoming diabetic.
  4. Cysts in the ovaries– If there are cysts in the ovaries and women are suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome, then they can easily become prone to diabetes. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition in which there is hormonal disorder that leads to the enlargement of our ovaries and the ovaries have small cyst in them. This might result in irregularity of our periods and some excess growth of hair and even over-weight.
  5. If our first delivered baby was over-weight– If the weight of the previously delivered baby was more than 4 kg, then women can become diabetic.

 What are the symptoms of gestational diabetes?

 There are not many symptoms of gestational diabetes. Sometimes it becomes difficult to trace this form of diabetes that occurs during the time of pregnancy.  A simple blood sugar test can easily detect the sugar levels of the body and if the levels are very high, then it is alarming and the doctors will get to know that the patient is suffering from diabetes.

Various common symptoms of the gestational diabetes are:

  1. Fatigue in excess– During the early days of the pregnancy, most of the females experience fatigue and sometimes if becomes difficult to differentiate whether the fatigue is related to pregnancy or due to high levels of sugar in the body. The patient feels lethargic throughout the day and the energy levels always remain less.
  2. More urination– Pregnant ladies have more urge to urinate as the weight of the baby inside the womb increases. Same is the symptom of the high blood sugar levels. The patient always feels like urinating.
  3. More thirst– Patient experiences constant thirst. He always feel dryness in the mouth. This increases the urge to drink more and more water. Patient always feel thirsty.
  4. Nausea-The patient experiences vomit sensation.
  5. Effect on eyesight– Mostly diabetic patients have low vision problem. As the glucose levels in the body rise, the patient experiences blur vision. This might cause problem for a pregnant woman.
  6. Feel like eating more sweet food– Diabetes creates an urge in us to eat more of sweet food. More sweet drinks can cause our sugar levels to rise more which is bad for our health and can cause severe problem to the pregnant woman at the time of the delivery.
  7. Sensation in hands and feet– The high sugar levels causes tingling sensations. This might irritate the patient.

Gestational diabetes may appear in many women for the first time and those who have never ever experienced any symptom of diabetes before can face such problems during pregnancy. The patient must take a very healthy diet and must avoid taking sugar in excess. Regular exercise can also be done to keep the sugar levels under control.

The patient must keep herself away from the stress levels and must keep  mind relaxed and cool by doing yoga and exercise suggested by the doctor. More stress can increase the sugar levels. If not taken care then it might lead to serious issues at the time of delivery.

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