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Does stress cause gestational diabetes?

Pregnancy is a critical time- period. A female needs to take extra care of her health. Most important is the diet which a female consumes. If carelessness is shown, then there is a possibility of facing various health-related issues. Varying moods and stress levels also affect the health of a pregnant woman. It can prove fatal for both mothers as well as the baby.

Experts think that prolonged stress has a reverse impact on pregnancy. Happiness can reduce anxiety and depression. It helps increase cardiovascular health. The best part is that it increases the immunity of the body and enables a pregnant woman to fight various kinds of diseases. If there is any injury during pregnancy then it will be easy to heal it. A stress-free attitude also keeps the blood pressure in control. A pregnant female will get better sleep and this, in turn, helps in keeping the weight of the body under control.

How does stress cause gestational diabetes?

The mental and emotional health of a female is of utmost importance during pregnancy. Yes, it is correct that stress can cause gestational diabetes. If female experiences anxiety and depression during pregnancy, then there are chances that blood glucose levels may increase.

The increasing levels of blood sugar can lead to gestational diabetes. The body finds it difficult to make sufficient insulin. It is insulin that can handle the increased glucose levels. But if the insulin is not produced in the required quantity then it will become difficult for the body to manage increasing blood sugar levels. This can give rise to gestational diabetes.

stress during pregnancy

So, there is no doubt that mental well-being and physical health are directly related to each other. Positive and stress-free mental levels give good health but on the other hand, a negative and stressful mental level can lead to bad health.


Ill-effects of chronic stress

High blood pressureHigh blood pressure is a risky situation. More stress can lead to high blood pressure that is harmful to the normal functioning of the body.

Reduces immunity– It is the ability of the body to fight diseases. If the immune system is weak then the body catch diseases early but on the other hand, a person with strong immunity keeps the diseases at bay. If a person takes too much stress then the immunity of the body reduces and the person falls ill early.

Over-weight- When the stress levels are high in the body then a person indulges in overeating. This is the major cause of weight gain. More weight is harmful during pregnancy. It can also contribute to gestational diabetes.

Increase glucose levelsStress hormones can increase the levels of glucose in the body. This leads to gestational diabetes.


Many studies have shown that there is a close connection between stress and the development of gestational diabetes. Those mothers who get more stress in the early days of pregnancy have more chances of getting gestational diabetes.

If any female experiences stress during pregnancy. Then there arises an immediate need to reduce it as early as possible to get rid of the problem of gestational diabetes, which can be risky for the life of both mother and the child. Stress can give rise to depression during pregnancy. Depression affects the ability of a mother to develop a healthy bond with the new born.


 Various ways to reduce stress are as under:


  • Eat healthy and nutritious food– It is the diet that contributes maximum to keeping a person healthy. If anybody follows an unhealthy diet then good health is a distant dream. Especially during pregnancy, it is imperative to focus more on diet and try to eat something super healthy and full of nutrition. Such diet increases the ability of the body to cope up with the stress up to a greater extent. So, it is better to consult a dietician who can guide the female during pregnancy to follow a healthy diet chart. Avoid eating out and prefer not to eat junk food.
  • Take plenty of rest – Level of stress depends upon the relaxation of mind. If the mind is relaxed then it catches less stress. But on the other hand, if the mind is restless then it can very easily become stressful. For this purpose, there is a need to take maximum sleep. It relaxes the mind and enables a person to think in a positive direction.
  • Do regular exercise– The best way to avoid stress is to do exercise on regular basis. Yoga can help a lot in this direction. Even meditation is beneficial. This plays an important role in relaxing the mind. It gives required oxygen to the brain and keeps it fresh. This can minimize stress levels. Deep breathing exercises are also helpful.
  • Listen to music– music is the biggest stress reliever. Soothing music can be very relaxing. It diverts the attention of the mind and relaxes it.
  • Do not stress too much about stress– Try to avoid those situations that give stress. Staying busy with one or another task can help a lot in reducing stress. Try to find out the ways that can help in controlling stress.
  • Read a positive book– Reading can be of great help in coping up with the increasing levels of stress. A book that brings positivity can be useful. Positivity is of utmost importance in dealing with increasing stress. It is imperative to train the mind to deal with stressful situations and stay positive in them.
  • Find good friends– A good friend is our lifeline. They can help us a lot in managing stress levels and relaxing the mind. Socializing is of utmost importance as it improves the connection of one person to another. Life becomes monotonous without friends. They add a spark to life and make it beautiful. This way it becomes easy to manage the stress and come out of the stressful situations as early as possible.


So, a pregnant woman should try hard to keep stress at bay and stay happy and calm. With the help of all the above stress management techniques, it is possible to reduce the levels of stress and keep the body healthy and free from various diseases.



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