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Pregnant women who are not able to make enough insulin develops the problem of gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. It can also take place when the mother is obese or is overweight. Woman who is overweight or obese, have resistance to insulin before or when they become pregnant. Gaining weight at a rapid pace can be one of the reasons for gestational diabetes.

A person having gestational diabetes has to be very careful and particular about lifestyle changes. Gestational diabetes has to be managed carefully throughout life. It can make your life stressful. If a person suffering from gestational diabetes, suffers from stress, then the person is at higher risk. Stress can increase the problem as it increases the blood sugar level.

The blood sugar levels in the body are directly affected by stress hormones. Managing gestational diabetes with a stressful body and mind becomes more challenging, mentally as well as physically. It becomes difficult to manage the blood sugar levels of the body.


Various symptoms point out if the mind is stressed and not happy. Stress shakes the mind mentally and emotionally. It changes the behavior and attitude of the person. If a person can recognize the symptom of stress on time, then the chances of getting a cure early increase.

Headache, pain in the muscle, taking tension all the time, sleeping too much or too less, feeling ill, and fatigue. All these can be the reasons for stress. The stressful person feels unmotivated, depressed, anxious, and irritated all the time.

A person becomes restless. People sometimes eat too much or too little, they distance themselves from friends and family. Some people remain angry all the time and some isolate themselves and indulge in alcohol and tobacco.

stress and gestational diabetes


Stress in any form is not good for the mother and child. It increases gestational diabetes and proves as a great risk in pregnancy. To stay healthy and stress-free a few things can be done.

  • Meditation is a good option for stress reduction. It keeps the body and the mind healthy and allows the mind to inhale positive thoughts and flush out negative thoughts. The first thing in the morning that a person should do is meditation.
  • For emotional stress, a person should isolate themselves from the environment for five to ten minutes. A person should sit in peace and attract positive thoughts only. All the concentration must be on the heartbeat and the person must take deep breathes to relax the mind and body. It detoxifies the body. This will help in reducing emotional stress.
  • Yoga is a good option for bursting physical stress. Yoga can be made a part of daily routine. It is a form of exercise that includes meditation. It helps to lower blood pressure and keeps the body and mind healthy and fresh.
  • Play some games like board games to fresh the mind and stay from the stress of daily life. Spend time with family and friends more often. Exercises or different activities like swimming, running, and many more can be done.
  • Remember one thing that several ladies go through this condition, so do not find yourself alone in this. There are various community groups and health groups that help people to cope up with their condition and help them to come out of that condition. The groups cope up and provide good quality of life.
  • A special therapist can also be kept for helping the sufferer. Some people are not able to share their condition with their friends and family members. Therapists are made to solve this purpose. They provide medical advice and proper help to the person.

A person with gestational diabetes must try to stay happy to stay away from stress.

Exercise, a good diet, and good mental can help get through pregnancy with gestational diabetes easily. The partner must also be equally supportive towards the pregnant woman. The partner must go to the doctor each time, should keep track of exercise and food routine. Blood sugar levels must be tested on daily basis.

It should be taken care of how much the meals are being eaten, and at what time. The quality of the meal is very important. Each time a woman consumes a meal, it should be nutritious. The food should include a lot of green vegetables and fruits and should be rich in fiber.

However, the mood will be, the hypothalamus sends the signal to adrenal glands that release an abundance of hormones in return.

When the adrenal hormone is being released due to stress it can cause various difficulties. It can increase your heartbeat, it increases the breathing rate, it becomes easy for the muscle to use glucose, it contracts the blood vessels and directs the blood to the muscles, and does much more things in the human body.

It can also damage the blood vessels, increases blood pressure, increases the risk of heart rate, and cause heart stroke or an attack. Stress can lead to weight gain, anxiety, insomnia, and frequent headaches.

Cortisol is also considered the main stress hormone and plays an essential role in stressful situations. It raises the glucose levels in the bloodstream, helps the brain to use glucose more effectively, alters the response of the immune system, it dampens the reproductive system and the process of growth. It can also affect some parts of the brain that controls fear and mood. Cortisol helps in dealing with the high-stress situation.

If the levels of cortisol remain high for a long time, it can affect the body and the baby. It tends us to gain weight more than required, increases blood pressure, causes sleeping problems, and diabetes type 2. It also makes the person fatigue and disturbs sleep. It can lead to memory problems and weakens the immune system.

There can be many worse effects of taking stress. It is better to take care good care of diet and the body and stay happy. A happy heart can lead to a happy and healthy pregnancy.





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