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Do you have to be overweight to get gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is becoming a common problem. Diabetes during pregnancy can be a risky affair. Such diabetes that arises during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes.

Many reasons are responsible for diabetes during pregnancy. One of them can be the weight of a pregnant female. But it cannot be the only reason for diabetes during pregnancy. Some pregnant women are overweight but they are not diabetic. A female needs not to be overweight to get diabetes during pregnancy.

Diabetes occurs when the body fails to make sufficient insulin. When the body has more than the required weight than its ability to make insulin reduces. So, during pregnancy weight automatically increases.

This can be the factor that might contribute to diabetes. But in some cases, it does not cause gestational diabetes. Even then it is of utmost importance for a female to keep her weight under control during pregnancy.

The pancreas has to make more insulin during pregnancy to keep the blood under control. If it fails to make extra insulin that is needed for the body then the sugar levels will rise. Rising sugar levels result in gestational diabetes.

When does gestational diabetes start?

It starts at the beginning of the seventh month. A glucose test is undergone to check the levels of sugar in the blood. If a test comes negative then, in that case, there is no need to worry but if the test comes out to be positive then doctors try to find out the reason behind it.

Being overweight can be one of the reasons. If it is the main reason then doctors will surely guide the patient to reduce weight by following the perfect diet plan and doing some necessary physical activity.

gestational diabetes

How to keep the weight under control to prevent gestational diabetes?


It is mandatory to control weight. Increasing weight might lead to serious health issues. It can create complications at the time of delivery.

  1. Lower sugar consumption– Females must consume food that has low sugar content. This will manage the increasing weight. Moreover, it will also help in staying active. Sugar is not healthy for babies also. More consumption will increase blood sugar levels. The best method is to keep the sugar-rich food out of the house. This will not divert the attention of a pregnant woman toward a sugar-rich diet. It will surely help in avoiding the temptation.
  2. Consume protein-rich food– Proteins are of utmost importance for building muscles and various organs. For fetus, a protein-rich diet is required. It is good for the maintenance of tissues. It can also help in managing the increasing weight. It keeps increasing appetite and unnecessary cravings under control. We feel full even after eating lesser food. It makes the bones strong. It also makes the body active and keeps it free from any lethargy. The best thing is that it boosts the metabolism and helps in burning fats deposition. It keeps the blood pressure also intact.
  3. Go for walk and do physical activity– Doctors recommend half an hour walk for every pregnant woman. It can help a lot in managing the increasing weight. This also improves digestion. Some kind of physical activity is also compulsory. It is always suggested to consult the doctor before doing any such activity. This keeps the body in motion and manages blood sugar levels effectively. Yoga is highly recommended. It should be done under the guidance of the doctor. Yoga is best for controlling diabetes. It makes both mind and body healthy. It also improves concentration.
  4. Avoid fats- Avoid All those food items that have more fats in them. This will lead to more obesity. Less consumption of fat can keep the weight under control. Fats are not good for the health of pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes. Try to eat healthy fats. Do not eat junk food at all. Healthy fats include avocados, olive oil. Avoid eating processed meat, chips, crackers, refined oils. Cutting fats in the diet helps reduce weight. It becomes possible to keep diabetes at bay if weight is under control.


Weight is the main factor that can contribute to gestational diabetes. Those who are not overweight have fewer chances of getting gestational diabetes. If a female adheres to the above factors, she can manage her weight effectively and can reduce the risk of getting gestational diabetes. Otherwise, it can be a high-risk pregnancy with the following complications:


  • Early birth- Premature delivery is the most serious complication of gestational diabetes. Premature birth can have serious consequences. A new-born’s lungs or another area of the body may be underdeveloped. It can have an impact on how the body functions as a whole.
  • Breathing issues– Respiratory issues are common in pregnant women with gestational diabetes. Respiratory distress syndrome can affect a new-born. Fluid collects in the lungs in this condition. It can cause breathing problems by filling the lungs with air, which gives the lungs less oxygen and causes breathing problems. It may be necessary to provide artificial oxygen to a new-born at times. It will provide additional oxygen to the babies. Acute shortness of breath can result if not addressed.
  • Type-2 diabetes risk– Both the mother and the infant have a high risk of developing type-2 diabetes in the future. It could hurt the baby’s growth. It is also dangerous for the mother. To keep diabetes under control, extreme caution is required. Without care, the functioning of the body might affect.
  • Death of the baby– Gestational diabetes can increase difficulties. This can be extremely detrimental to the new-born’s life. The baby may die in some extreme circumstances. This can occur both before and after birth. It is vital to avoid such dangerous circumstances. To avoid such serious scenarios, a mother must take exceptional care of her health.


Females with gestational diabetes need to be extra careful. She must follow strict diet and exercise routines to balance all health-related problems. This can give her a smooth and healthy delivery experience. Otherwise the problem might increase. This can lead to severe complications that are difficult to face.



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