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Do mothers with Gestational diabetes deliver early?

Poor lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits are affecting the health of the masses. It gives rise to multiple health-related problems like cardiovascular problems, metabolic diseases, diabetes, overweight, and hypertension.

Diabetes is one health issue that is becoming very common. Even in pregnant ladies, this problem is wide-spreading. Many pregnant women are suffering from diabetes.

Diabetes that arises during pregnancy is called gestational diabetes. Diabetes normally arises in the middle of pregnancy. The gestation period is the period that starts from the day of conceiving till the date of delivery.

If a female suffers from diabetes during this gestation period then we call it gestational diabetes. It is risky for both mother and baby. It can put the growth of the fetus at high risk. It might badly affect the health of the baby. There arises an urgent need to monitor the blood sugar levels on regular basis and make sure that it stays under control. It can increase complications at the time of delivery.

gestational diabetes during pregnancy

Possibility of early delivery in the case of gestational diabetes

There is a maximum possibility of premature delivery in the case of mothers suffering from gestational diabetes. If the sugar levels are not kept under control then the delivery is tough and complicated also. There is a huge possibility of delivering an undergrown baby.

The body makes use of sugar to produce energy. There is a hormone in the body called insulin that plays an important role in transferring sugar from the blood to the cells in the body.

This sugar in cells is converted into energy and moves the body. But in case the body fails to make insulin then the sugar from blood does not transfer to the cells. It confines to blood only. This situation leads to diabetes. Many hormonal changes take place in the body of a female during pregnancy. The hormones during pregnancy might affect the tendency of the body to use insulin properly.

In the case of a pregnant woman, the risk is higher if she gets diabetes before the 24th week. Doctors keep on monitoring the blood sugar levels from the 24th week to the 28th week. If the pregnancy is smooth till 24 weeks but after that, if diabetes occurs then the risk of delivering a premature baby is less.

With early detection and treatment of diabetes, females can deliver a healthy and fully grown baby.

Problems relating to early delivery in gestational diabetes

There are various risks associated with the premature delivery of a child especially due to gestational diabetes.

• Underweight- There is a maximum possibility of delivering an underweight child. the entire body of the premature baby is underdeveloped. It makes the baby weak.
• Respiratory problems- due to underdevelopment of the body, sometimes lungs also do not develop completely. This might cause respiratory problems and the child can face issues related to breathing. To cure it more oxygen is given to the newborn.
• Heart problem – premature delivery might cause heart-related problems also. In severe cases, heart failure might also occur. It happens because the heart fails to get the blood that has oxygen.
• Jaundice- It is the most common health issue which most premature babies have to face. It can be treated easily by keeping the newborn under observation and doctors make use of light therapy to reduce the levels of bilirubin.
• Brain hemorrhage- In serious cases, the possibility of brain damage is also there. Such a problem might arise due to the tearing of blood vessels in the brain.
• Large baby- if diabetes is not under control at the time of delivery. Then it might result in extra growth of the baby.

How to avoid early delivery in case of gestational diabetes?

• Do walk and exercise on regular basis- it is imperative to walk and exercise on daily basis to keep the increasing diabetes levels under control. The exercise must be done only under the guidance of the doctors. It is important to stay active during pregnancy. Regular yoga can help a lot in this direction.
• Eating a fat-free diet- more fats in the diet can raise the levels of sugar. Patients with gestational diabetes must take fewer fats. It will keep a check on diabetes.
• Monitoring blood glucose on regular basis- gestational diabetes patients must check their sugar levels on regular basis. In case of sugar level increases then it will be easy to control it at the earliest.
• Less intake of sugar- Avoid sugar as much as possible. More intake of sugar can be hazardous for the health of both mothers as well as babies.
• Eat small meals throughout the day- Diabetics must not take the long gap in their meals. They must try to consume small meals that too at regular intervals. This will keep sugar levels at appropriate levels.

Mothers with gestational diabetes can deliver on time and pregnancy can be healthier.

It is not always necessary that a mother suffering from gestational diabetes deliver a premature baby. If proper care is taken and sugar levels are kept under control then the mother and the new born do not experience any problems. There is every possibility of delivering a healthy baby. The best method is to consume a healthy diet.

Regular visits to the doctor are important. This will help the doctor to closely scrutinize the health of the patient and give proper guidance to control and keep diabetes under check. Doctors can suggest various tests from time to time to monitor the health of the patient. If the tests are not up to the mark then effective measures can be taken.

Timely diagnoses help the doctors to guide properly. The patient must questions regarding her health from a doctor without any hesitation. This will give a clear picture to the doctor and will enable them to take timely precautions. If sugar levels do not come down then the pregnant woman can take insulin also.

Females with gestational diabetes need not worry a lot. Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels and proper care can help in achieving good health and avoiding all the risks associated.
Even such mothers can deliver a baby with normal weight and that too without any complications.

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