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Can I deliver at 37 weeks with gestational diabetes?

Gestational diabetes is becoming very common these days. Sugar levels in the blood increases in gestational diabetes. These days, diabetes is a relatively frequent problem. Diabetes affects one out of every four people. The main cause is a shift in our lifestyle and a lack of exercise. This condition is widespread, even among pregnant women. Diabetes affects a large number of pregnant women. Gestational diabetes is a kind of diabetes that develops during pregnancy. The gestation period is the time when a woman is pregnant.

Gestational diabetes occurs when a woman develops diabetes throughout her pregnancy. Diabetes during pregnancy is quite dangerous, especially when considering the baby’s growth. It could hurt the baby’s health. Our blood sugar levels must be monitored regularly to ensure that they remain under control. Otherwise, it may cause problems during delivery.

Chances of delivering a baby at 37 weeks in gestational diabetes

The biggest problem that might arise in the case of gestational diabetes is the early delivery problem. Normally a baby delivers at 40 weeks but in the case of a mother with gestational diabetes, delivery might take place early at 37 weeks. It is not necessary in all cases.

37 weeks- gestational diabetes

In all those pregnancy cases where sugar levels are not under control at the time of delivery, the chances of premature delivery are more. There is a negligible chance of early delivery where sugar levels remain perfect throughout delivery and at the time of delivery also.

How to avoid pregnancy at 37 weeks?

It is imperative to keep the sugar under check. There is a large number of ways that can assist a pregnant woman with gestational diabetes to control her sugar levels. These are as under:


  1. Physical activity—exercise is always linked to good health. Those who engage in regular physical activity are more fit and healthy. In the case of gestational diabetes, a mother must engage in some physical activity to ensure a healthy and risk-free delivery. It can take any shape. She can go for a walk or do some exercises that the doctor has prescribed.
  2. Eat small meals every two hours– Diabetics must eat small meals every two hours. It will aid in the control of rising blood sugar levels. A diabetic’s health is jeopardized if he or she remains hungry for an extended period.
  3. Check sugar levels daily– Gestational diabetic patients should test their sugar levels daily to help monitor and control their levels. Regular check-up is necessary to keep the baby and mother fit and healthy. This will keep the doctor as well as the mother informed.
  4. Avoid fats; it is best to eat fat-free foods– A sugar patient should avoid eating more fats. Obesity will result, which can lead to serious issues. Obesity is the major cause of increased glucose levels in the blood. If the patient is already overweight then it is necessary to keep the weight in level. This will help a lot in combatting diabetes.
  5. Say no to sugar– Try to stay away from sugar as much as possible. Sugar consumption will increase sugar levels, making delivery even more difficult. Sugar is the biggest enemy of a diabetic. There are many sugar-free options available in the market. A gestational diabetic patient can easily go for it without a second thought. This will satisfy the patient’s urge to eat sugar and will also help a lot in maintaining correct sugar levels.
  6. Take medicine as prescribed by the doctor– If blood sugar levels are getting difficult to control, doctors can prescribe medications. These medicines must be taken regularly. Sometimes doctors prescribe the required dosage of the medicine as per the sugar levels of the patient.


Problems associated with the babies born at 37 weeks in gestational diabetes

Normally babies born at 37 weeks have a higher risk. They can face adverse effects on health. Risks associated are as under:


  • Health problems– these problems can be related to various organs of the babies. They might suffer from problems related to the lungs, heart and it can also be linked to the eyes. It can also affect the brain which is the main organ. It can have an impact on the development of the brain.
  • Difficulty in breathing– due to the underdevelopment of lungs, babies might experience problems related to breathing. They might not get sufficient oxygen to breathe. This is critical.
  • Spend some time in the Newborn intensive care unit– sometimes babies delivered at 37 weeks might have to spend some time in the newborn intensive care unit to get proper care and medication.
  • Disability– such babies might face any sort of disability in the future that can hamper their normal routine. So it is of utmost importance to keep the sugar levels under control to avoid such drastic situations. But with proper care and a healthy diet, such extreme situations can be avoided.
  • Regular check-ups– Such babies delivered at 37 weeks have to visit hospitals for regular check-ups. Doctors also do not take risks in such cases. They monitor the newborn every week to avoid any further complications.
  • There are issues with the blood– Blood disorders, such as anemia and infant jaundice, can occur in premature babies. Anemia is a condition in which the body’s red blood cells are insufficient. While all newborns have a steady loss in red blood cell count over the first few months of life, preterm babies may have a faster drop. Skin becomes yellow in jaundice. This is due to the presence of excess bilirubin.


Some of the above problems and risks might last for a long time. In some cases, problems are not noticeable initially at the time of birth but after few years of growth and development they come up. It can be related to the intellectual development of the child. The working of the child might slow down with age.


There is no need to worry and become too serious regarding gestational diabetes and delivering at 37 weeks of pregnancy. With a good routine and healthy diet, it is possible to avoid any kind of extreme situation. Due to lifestyle changes, this problem is becoming very common these days. But by improving the lifestyle it is easy to control it and get a healthy delivery experience. 


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